Anytta is the-on-line suggestion-box for enterprises, organizations or projects.

Anytta is the on-line suggestions box**Use our searcher to find suggestions-boxes**Send anyttas, make the world a beter place**More than 60 suggestions-boxes and growing!**

Anytta is the on line suggestions-box for professionals, enterprises, organizations and projects.

Suggestions and complaints have something in common, the proposal for change. On the other hand, a large distance lies between them, the approach of those who issue them.

There is a step beyond criticizing and that is suggesting.

Share ideas and opinions, be proactive. People improve if we give them the opportunity to do so, if we approach to them with a constructive view. Better people will build better freelancers, Companies and Organizations who will offer better products and services to the society they serve to. A better society benefits to its citizens. Happy people build happy societies.

This constructive spirit is what we call 'the anytta spirit'.Will you join the change?


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